Sump and Overhead Tank Cleaning
Description of Work

MasterKey follows the widely used 6 step mechanized method for sump cleaning

  • Dewatering using a powerful submersible pump
  • A powerful industrial pressure washer is used with a rotary dirt blaster to wash down the walls & ceilings. At 150Bar (~2250 psi i.e. pound per square inch of pressure), that is an extremely powerful force to wash down grime, salt deposits, algae and calcinations that typically four in sump walls
  • It is additionally supplemented by manual scrubbing to focus and remove anything that has been missed.
  • The final inch of sludge is removed using a Venturi suction method by reversing the pressure washer to evacuate sludge right to the last mm
  • The floor is further cleaned using a powerful industrial wet vacuum cleaner that sucks out all the sludge from the floor leaving it as clean as your living room floor
  • Sodium Hypochlorite or Calcium Hypochlorite is used in the right amounts to ensure appropriate amount of chlorine in the water (as recommended by Water treatment experts)
  • An ultra violet light (medical purpose) is suspended inside the sump / tank to ensure bacteria and other micro organisms are killed 

This 6-step method leaves your sump and overhead tanks fully cleaned and in a hygienic state. We typically recommend cleaning once every 3-4 months in order to maintain good standards of hygiene.

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