Full House Deep Cleaning
Description of Work

Full House Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning of Bathrooms - Cobweb removal, Heater, Windows, Exhaust, Bowl, Basin , Mirror, Descaling of Wall and Floor Tiles, Shower Door, Bathtub

Deep Cleaning of Kitchen - Degreasing of countertop, stove & exhaust; Inside out cleaning of all cupboards, cabinets & lofts; Cleaning of Sink, Chimney & Fridge exterior

Deep Cleaning of Bedrooms & Living Rooms - Top to bottom cleaning of all living areas; Cobweb removal; Cleaning of windows, fans, lights & fixtures; Vacuuming of sofas, mattresses and all upholstery; Cleaning and dusting of all accessible areas (in living areas - surface cleaning only; inside of cupboards and cabinets in living area are excluded; Walls - only light stains will be removed. Deep stains on paint cannot be cleaned without damaging paint); Wood polish for all wooden cupboards, cabinets & furniture; Steam Mopping of floor area

Surendernath Baskar

“Top quality service at a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend them”

Shanta Ramesh

“Thankyou Masterkey. Great Service. Very convenient. Did an excellent job cleaning my car interiors."

Amarnath Ashokkumar

“Very good service at my doorstep. Affordable Pricing"

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